8 Ways To Make Any Girl Go Crazy About You

Women are creatures of mystery to the majority of us, even if we’ve been in successful relationships before. This is because there are many strange things that they do when connecting with men in the first place. 

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are wondering how you can make women more attracted to you, there are many ways to do this, all without having to do anything strange yourself. 

If you’re looking for ways to make a girl go crazy about you, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t Be Easy

Pretty self-explanatory.  Don’t just give yourself away to a woman, physically or otherwise.  If some flirts with you, flirt back, but leave it there.  Let her suggest going out on a date for the first time.  

Or, if you do decide to ask, keep it simple with coffee or dinner.  If you plan out a dinner and a movie date night, it’s making it seem like you are totally infatuated with her and have nothing better to do. 

Showing your attraction to her is great, but don’t be too over the top right away.

Make Sure She Appreciates You

If you are with a girl on a first date or twentieth date, make sure that she appreciates the time you are spending together.  If you are on a date and she’s more interested in Tumblr or texting her friends, odds are, she’s not the girl for you.  

That’s not to say that she and you can’t have a moment to yourself when you’re out together, but if she’s distracted all the time, take the hint and cut the cord.

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Don’t Settle

Maybe you’re with a girl because she’s got a gorgeous body or beautiful eyes.  Or maybe you’re with her because she’s the only one who’s shown interest in you for a long time. 

If you’re out with her and, for whatever reason, you find that you just aren’t clicking, go your separate ways.  Don’t settle on her just because of that one characteristic.  

You deserve to find someone that makes you really happy on all levels.  Keep searching until you find her and don’t settle in the meantime.

Be Romantic

Girls love romance, it’s no secret.  If you want to really make her go nuts over you and gush about you to all of her friends, consider writing a poem, or finding a song to let her hear that really speaks to how you feel about her. 

She will love hearing those sappy words and flowing sentences that are honest.  Make sure they make some sort of sense to you so that you can explain their significance to her.

Show Her the Competition

This should not be confused with “playing the field.”  If you are serious about a girl but aren’t sure if she feels as good about you as you want her to, consider bringing up another woman in a conversation. 

Let her know that you’re going out with other women (if that’s the truth, don’t lie!) or talk about dates in the past.  Let her know that she’s not the only one in the world for you and that she’ll have to make her feelings for you known. 

It’ll make her realize the dream that she has in front of her, or she won’t respond.  Either way, you’ll have her attention.

Act Your Age

This is extremely important when it comes to men who are in their late twenties or thirties.  Women are expecting men to not be out partying every night, or come home drunk.  They’ll expect a certain amount of commitment so that they know they’re in a relationship. 

That’s not to say that you can’t have fun like you’re young, but you’ll have to show her that you’re interested in keeping up with her. 

Women go crazy for men who have settled away into their lives and respect women.  Things like listening when they talk to you and answering their calls and text messages, those things are all important to show a woman that you are mature and ready to make her happy. 

Be Sincere

If you tell her something, be sincere about it.  This means that first utterance of “I love you”, or listening to her cry when she has a bad fight with her mother.  She is going to want someone who will be there and will genuinely care about how she feels. 

She’ll want you to listen to how her day was and genuinely care about what she’s telling you.  The same goes for having deep conversations into the wee hours of the morning; she’ll want to know that the things you tell her are true and real.  Give her that sincerity and she’ll feel more connected to you.

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Be Committed

Lastly, if you commit to a relationship – no matter how open or serious the relationship may be – commit to it.  Make sure that you stay faithful to her and that if your feelings change, tell her. 

Women, as mentioned, need someone that they can depend on and if you commit to being in a relationship with her, she’ll expect you to hold that to you as something important. 

Commit to her, personally, too. 

You have to want to be with someone to be happy and satisfied, so if you decide to enter into a relationship, make sure you want the same things that she does.

And there you have it, tips on how to make yourself more desirable to women of all kinds.  With these things in mind, you can start to make a life for yourself with a woman who is totally nuts about you and dedicated to making you happy in all of the ways possible. 

A relationship is all about being madly in love with each other, so help her see just how much of a catch you are and you’ll be able to experience that bliss alongside her.

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