Dating Tips That Will Transform Your Love Life

Most of us have trouble with our dating lives at one point or another and we go to find dating tips.  It used to be that you could find these dating tips from friends or magazines, now with the power of the internet they are only a Google Search away.  But don’t you want to have more than just dating tips?  Don’t you want the dating tips that will transform your love life?

Don’t Rely on the Bar

Many people rely on the bar to find someone to go out with.  There is a chance that you will find someone to go out with at the bar but is it really who you are looking for?  Try meeting someone at an event that you like such as at a casual sporting event, cooking lessons, or at an event group.  When you meet someone doing something that you both like you will already have a connection to start off a more meaningful relationship with.

Listen To Your Body and Mind

Being on a first date can be nerve-racking because you want the other person to like you but you need to pay attention to yourself too.  It only takes the mind and body moments to get a first impression of someone and then minutes to determine whether you are likely to be compatible or not.  While these impressions may occasionally be wrong they tend to be right.  Don’t be afraid to give the person a second chance but if you feel the same way then you should probably move on to a new date.

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Be Kind

The bad boy stereotype was promoted by television and many girls have taken on that image too.  According to studies though the bad boy (or girl) stance may actually make it less likely for you to get that second date.  Many people have a better experience when the other person is kind to them.  You don’t have to be falsely kind but make sure that you tell your date that you are enjoying yourself and be friendly.

Censor Your Words

You should be yourself but you don’t have to vomit out words.  With modern technology and the internet you probably Facebook stalked your date before going out.  It is best not to mention anything that you saw on their profile or it might be awkward.  It is also best to think about what you are saying and not let phrases like “You look like my ex” slip out.  Talking about your ex is a major turn off for almost everyone.  It’s also wise to not talk about your potential future together on the first couple of dates at the very least, you may come off as a little obsessed or creepy.

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Don’t Overshare

A date is about two people, not just one.  You don’t want to spend the time talking about yourself.  Let your date talk about themselves, they have stuff they want to share too.  The only way you can find common interests is if you both talk.  Ask engaging questions and don’t be focused on yourself.

Watch Their Eyes

It is believed by many people that our eyes contain our souls, while that is still up in the air scientifically eyes can tell you someone’s intentions.  Watch your date’s eyes, if they spend most of the date focused on your face they are probably into you in a romantic way.  If their eyes travel frequently across your body then they are probably looking for more than a date.

Remember That You Are Still Friends

When you are dating someone you tend to get focused on going on dates and romantic activities.  Relationships are built on friendships and friends do more than go to movies and dinners.  Do the activities that make you happy, both of you.  It is also important to make sure you do activities that you both enjoy.  Go out and hike, go shopping, and do the things that friends do.  There is nothing to say you can’t be romantic at the same time and do things like hold hands.

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There are always More Fish

You should always remember that there are more fish in the sea.  If you don’t like your date or they don’t like you then don’t push it.  There will be bad dates, duds, and bumps along the road but there will always be someone out there for you.  Follow the common saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try again.”

With these dating tips you can give your romantic life a jumpstart and start having fun dating again.  It won’t always be easy but the good times are rewarding and fun.  Go out there, get a date, and practice your new skills.  Practice makes perfect.

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