Why Is Kissing Important? Health Benefits of Kissing

There are very few people on Earth who do not like kissing.  It is one of the first acts we are exposed to in life to show affection. 

Parents kiss the foreheads and cheeks of newborns and adults use kissing to express their love for one another or for pleasure. 

While many people are aware of the joys of kissing very few people are aware of the health benefits that kissing can have.

Kissing Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

For those of us with high blood pressure you now have another excuse to start kissing.  When you kiss someone you work out your heart and get it beating in a way that helps to lower your blood pressure. 

It does this by dilating your blood vessels, which causes your blood to start flowing freely and access the vital organs.

Kissing Helps Clean Your Teeth

You know how you hate to go to the dentist to have those cavities removed? 

Well, it turns out that the more you kiss the less likely cavities become. 

When you kiss it helps get your fluids flowing inside your mouth and when the fluids start flowing that means plaque and other debris on your teeth start being washed away.

Kissing Makes You Happy

We all know that kissing can make you… well, happy but it can do more than just make you sexually excited. 

When you start kissing it tells your body to start releasing the natural chemicals that make you happy, including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. 

When you kiss you are less stressed out.

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Kissing Can Fight Pain

Kissing can actually help relieve the pain that you feel, the same endorphins that make you happy also help relieve pain. 

Some medical journals suggest that the pain-relieving effects of those endorphins may be stronger than morphine. 

It may take more than a peck on the cheek to relieve serious pain though.

Kissing Helps With Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be combatted by kissing, and the more kissing the better. 

When kissing causes your blood vessels to dilate it allows your pain to ebb.  This is also good for headaches. 

Some researchers suggest that you should ask your significant other to kiss when you are feeling the pain of menstrual cramps instead of pushing them away.

Kissing Burns Calories

For those who are serious fitness buffs kissing won’t burn more calories than your regular workout, but when you engage in a serious makeout session you can burn up to 16 calories per kiss. 

That is a fair amount of calories burned for doing something that is enjoyable. 

You don’t even have to go out for 5 hours to get a good calorie burn.  Love-making can burn even more calories.

Kissing Can Help You Tone Your Face

Because you are giving your face a workout when you kiss you are helping to work out certain areas of your face. 

For the most part, when you are kissing you are working to tone your neck and jawline. 

These are areas that are worried about later in life so the more you kiss the less you will have to wait later.

Kissing Helps You Fight Off Colds

It turns out that kissing can help you fight off the common cold, how? 

Kissing involves the swapping of saliva with another person and that saliva contains antibodies and bacteria that help your system learn and grow. 

This also works with allergies.  If you or your partner have allergies you swap resistance to allergies when you kiss making your symptoms lessen.

Kissing Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

It is common knowledge that kissing makes people happy, but it also makes us feel better about ourselves. 

A German study found that those who kissed their significant other before work were more successful. 

When you kiss your significant other you are emphasizing the connection that you have and reminding each other that you love each other.

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Kissing as A Compatibility Tester

Sometimes our first kisses with a new person suck, but if your second kiss or even third also doesn’t make you feel right? 

Well, then it is probably time to find a new partner.  Kissing is a great way to tell if you and your partner are going to have a healthy relationship. 

Just don’t let the first kiss be the deciding factor because both of you could be nervous or even embarrassed.

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