Top 10 Most Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

So, you are looking to your furry family and are searching for the right dog to do just that? 

Well, if you’re looking for one that is smart and ready to meet all of your needs, check out this complete list of the top ten most smartest and intelligent dog breeds.  You’ll find the right, smart match to make your family complete!

1. Australian Cattle Dog

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds Australian Cattle Dog

This is a crossbreed dog from the Australian dingo and the shepherd.  It is a gorgeous and charismatic breed that would do well in a house that is centered around active living and herding. 

He is a hard-working dog that needs to be kept busy.  He would do well in a home where he can run hard to earn his keep and enjoy a loving family with lots of time to spare to play with him.

2. Rottweiler


These need to be trained as a puppy to be the kind and gentle giants that they are known to be amongst the civilization.  These are great guard dogs.  They have brave and bold attitudes that will make you feel safe on the most chilling of nights. 

A great snuggle companion, too.  Though these are said to not be great around kids, this dog breed is highly trainable and, if treated right from a young age, will do well with anyone who comes near him.

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3. Papillon


Gorgeous and sweet, this dog breed is the most intelligent in the “toy dog” category, giving you something exciting to do with a small dog.  They are well-mannered and not too yappy. 

If you are interested in show dogs, this is a great option to do that all with.  They are easy to take care of and loyal to their owners.  A great option for those who want a smart dog that won’t run around in circles all day long.

4. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

These are smart and loyal dogs that are perfect for hunting and swimming.  They have webbed feet that make them great for swimming long distances.  Retrievers are often trained as help and therapy dogs, making it a great option for those who are looking for something of the sort. 

They are a popular, kind, brave breed that is moderately active and will want lots of loving attention. These gentle dogs are surely one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

5. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog

This is one of the most obedient dogs that you will ever own in a smaller size which makes it an option for many out there who are looking for a new companion.  They are fairly energetic and love to work at a fast pace, such as farm work, or simply trot along with you as you parade around the block for a walk. 

They are loyal and easily trained.  Whether you are looking for a slow or fast-paced life, this beautiful sheepdog will comply and love you all the more for it.

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6. Doberman Pinscher

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds Doberman Pinscher

This dog breed is one of the most loyal ones you will find.  It is known for its aggressive and nasty personality, but the modern adaptation is much less likely.  It needs proper training and a loving home to help him learn that humans are his friends. 

He is fiercely loyal and brave, making him the perfect guard dog for you and your loved ones.  He will play and keep you protected all in the same breath.

7. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Beautiful and kind, this dog breed is perfect for obedience training, be it hunting or as a therapy dog.  He can help the energetic family stay healthy, or enjoy a relaxed and calming evening with the family at home. 

Though he likes to run and get his exercise and, as the name suggests, is great at retrieving objects.  For children, this is a great option that is friendly and sure to keep you moving.

8. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Though there are one or two stories floating around out there that will say otherwise, German shepherds are incredibly loyal and intelligent.  They love their families fiercely and make great guard dogs.  What’s more is that they can be trained to work in official forces, such as the military and the police force to help save lives. 

They can be trained to do all sorts of useful and helpful things, all while being a great companion in a loving family.

9. Poodle

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds - Poodle

This is a fun-loving dog breed that has a diverse personality.  You can train him to do tricks, use him as a retriever and a delivery dog, or even get him to do all of your hunting for you.  This is an incredibly smart dog that isn’t afraid to work hard to earn his keep. 

He’s more than just a funny haircut, after all.  If you want a “jack of all trades” dog, you’re looking in the right place that’s for sure.  The best part is that they are so smart, and they have a great sense of humor.   A family dog for sure.

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10. Border Collie

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds- Border Collie

Border collies are known for their hyper personalities.  These are great herding dogs that will get the job done and be able to think about doing it the right way.  They can be trained to herd at a long distance from a shepherd and not lose a single member of the herd without human interaction. 

They can be trained in all sorts of other modern ways too, making it a great challenge for those who are looking for some fun in training and memory recall.  This is a great breed for a curious mind.

There are all sorts of dog breeds out there that are ready to make their way into your homes and hearts, so make sure you choose the right one for you and you’ll enjoy a better quality of life because of it. 

All intelligent and ready to make you laugh in joy and delight, these are just ten of the many dog breed options that will be able to enrich your life in ways you never imagined. 

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