Top 10 Classic American Muscle Cars

Classic American Muscle Cars

Definitions describe muscle cars as high-performance two-door cars that are made within the U.S. but to fans, muscle cars are more than that. Being the basis for movies and entire subsets of vintage car fans, muscle cars have undoubtedly aided in the creation of an everlasting high-speed subculture.

Their reduced numbers and uniqueness in design make them fetch incredible prices. The reality is that their prices will only get higher so if you are planning to acquire one, the time is now. In this article, we will take you through the top 10 classic American muscle cars of all time, check them out.

Impala Z11 4271963

Classic American Muscle Cars Impala Z11 427 - 1963

The 1963 Impala Z11 427 was Chevrolet’s famed 409 engine which happened to take the world by surprise back in the ’60s making it a dream for many muscle car enthusiasts.

In 1962, designers featured a hot set-up that was to get the 409 in a lightweight bubble top two-door Bel Air hardtop. This was later advanced in 1963 when Z11 was modified from 409 to 427 cid, thanks to a stroked crank, special heads, two pieces of aluminium intake and manifold sporting dual quads.

By then its output got to 430 horsepower. Besides the engine compartment, it featured fender bumpers made of aluminium to lighten the car further. There are only & of them today.

Ford Thunderbolt1964

Classic American Muscle Cars Ford Thunderbolt - 1964

To keep pace with a lighter and faster car, Ford Company released the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt. This car featured a two-door coupe; it was a mid-size and one of Ford’s smallest models.

To achieve this there was a need to get a key front-end frame modification and a larger hood bulge to house the twin fours and the hi-rise manifold.

This car was elegantly designed for racing; it further featured Plexiglas windows, a Spartan interior, a radio heater, delete sound-dampening insulations and some sun visors. Despite the shortcuts to comfort, this muscle car still commands our age.

АМС ЅС/Rаmblеr1969

АМС ЅС/Rаmblеr - 1969

The 1969 AMC SC Rambler A Trim LT is not an easy-to-forget American muscle car. Its engineers, maintaining the small car big engine strategy, came up with a stuffed 390 cid 315 horsepower combination to produce a lightweight Rambler hardtop coupe.

The grey vinyl interior featured some bench seats with blue and red-white headrests, a Hurst shifter with Borg Warner 4-speed, and some pristine carpet. A trim was another feature that wasn’t forgotten. Today, few of these cars still exist; they still have the “A” trim to remind us of the era.

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Dоdgе Сhаrgеr R/Т1968

Classic American Muscle Cars Dоdgе Сhаrgеr R/Т - 1968

The Coke bottle body styling with a mean-looking blacked-out anterior grill with dazzling but hidden headlights made the Dodge Charger on the front line. Its dope design made it suitable for drag racing as well as street performance.

It features a heavy-duty suspension that gives it handling, 375 hp 440 Magnum, and a V8 engine. The car had the capability of doing a quarter mile in an incredible 15 seconds, making it a muscle car.

Fоrd Fаіr lаnе/Тоrіnо Соbrа1969

Simply recapped as the Cobra, this Fairlane Torino design package featured two body incredible styles, the formal roof “hardtop” and the most common fastback “sports roof”.

Its performance is heightened by 335 hp, 428 Cobra Jet V8 with an intensive Holly 4bbl. Its optional RAM boosted its performance to an incredible peak of 5,600 rpm. Additionally, it also had a locking rear differential that was unique to Ford Company. This American muscle car achieves quarter miles within 14.5 seconds

Рlуmоuth Rоаdrunnеr1969

Рlуmоuth Rоаdrunnеr - 1969

The Plymouth Roadrunner Mopar struck pay dirt as the first ever low-priced muscle car, and this made it the most popular car in 1969. Despite the price, performance and suspensions being compromised, it featured a standard 383 cid that could get 390 hp with a six-pack, three-two engine.

That would do a quarter mile in 13.5 miles in 13.5 seconds courtesy of its 140 PLUS mph. It featured hi-po goodies like Hemi heads, two four and a 10.25:1 compression, and while boosted, it would get to 425 hp with 5000 rpm

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Oldsmobile 4421966

Oldsmobile 442 - 1966

With a standard L78 400 cid engine, the 1966 Oldsmobile 442 certainly hits on the top 10 classic American muscle cars. This car featured a 4bbl single carburettor and a 350 hp.

In its later release, it was installed with a prime cam and a tri-power triple 2bbl that further increased its horsepower by ten. Within 14.8 seconds, this car would comfortably do a quarter mile.

Only 54 cars were factory-released and this makes them some of the rarest muscle cars featuring a market price of up to USD 70,000.

Chevrolet Chevelle ЅЅ 3961966

Chevrolet Chevelle ЅЅ 396 - 1966

The Chevelle took 1966 by horns, it was one of the most prime super sports muscle cars of the time. With an elegant body style, the super sports version featured re-line tires, special wheel covers, and SS badging in cooperated with black covers to complement its body

In terms of engine power, the Chevelle would win their hearts once more courtesy of its 11.0:1 compression ratio that gave in a base rated 325 ho. With some tweaks, it would achieve an incredible 375 hp at an rpm 5600. It would get from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 6.5 seconds, this was incredible at that time. 14.5 seconds would see you do a quarter.

Pontiac GTO1967

Pontiac GTO - 1967

Known as the “GOAT”, the classic split, grill front-ended design is undoubtedly its most recognizable feature amongst all muscle cars. Bucket seats, duel exhaust, beefy suspension and a walnut-grained dash panel are some of its standard features.

Its top performance is at 400 HO with an engine capacity of 360 hp at 5,100 rpm. Within 14 seconds, the car would do a mere quarter. Faster speeds would be realized by the addition of RAM air induction.

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Plymouth/Dodge 426 Max Wedge1963

Dodge 426 Max Wedge - 1963

Being the ultimate muscle car, this model tops the list of 10 classic American muscle cars. Known as the Max Wedge, it was factory-produced in 1963. Originally intended exclusively as a racing car, its elegant design also made it suitable for street use.

The car boasted of dual quads and a compression of 13.5:1 giving it a 425 hp at 5600 rpm. It was further a light weight and this enabled it to the quarter mile in a mere 12 seconds.

If you are considering getting a muscle car, getting one today, the reality is price will be hiking on every dawn.

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